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Sydney and Wilma's project: "1,000,000 IMPACTING 200,000,000"

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Hello and welcome to our website, my name is Sydney and here with me is my wife Wilma, and we are the founders of an amazing project that we have called 1 000 000 IMPACTING 200 000 000™. You got to know that we are really excited to share this project with great people like you, people who we believe want to make a positive difference in this precious world that we all live in, otherwise you would not have responded to our invitation email, and this makes you UNIQUE!

As we all know Natural Science and Chemistry is vitally important for the future of mankind and the rest of the planet. The World is facing so many Environmental, Waste, Energy, Food, Water and Health challenges at the moment, which are growing as the global population explodes. The future needs many more passionate and dedicated scientists, doctors, engineers and others to help address and find solutions to these problems all over the World at local levels.

When some of us were growing up, we had science & chemistry laboratories at school but unfortunately many of us never did any of the experiments ourselves, which supports the theory and if we did do the experiments we would have most probably done much better in our exams. However we are the privileged ones, in many if not all developing Nations around the World the majority of public schools don’t have any form of a functioning laboratory, so how can these governments expect to produce any doctors, engineers, scientists, researchers and many other much needed expertise for their people? The backlog and the ability to build conventional school laboratories in many developing nations are so insurmountable, and in my opinion this task is impossible, because of the limited funding that is available for public schools.

Before I go on, I want to introduce you to Prof Corrie du Toit and his associate Marie du Toit. These wonderful people are the developers of the Mylab™ natural science and chemistry kits and they and their team, from the North West University Potchefstroom Campus in South Africa, have put in more than 25 years to develop the Mylab™ natural science and chemistry kits to where they are today.

Now this is where the 1 000 000 IMPACTING 200 000 000 project was born here in South Africa! Our mission is to establish a unique Global Community and Network of dedicated individuals that have a passion for natural science and chemistry, to work together through the Mylab™ platform to solve global challenges at a local level through improving the quality of natural science and chemistry education. Our vision for the 1 000 000 IMPACTING 200 000 000 project is to invite individuals from every nation to support and help raise funding over the next 5 to 10 years so that we can build and distribute at least 1 000 000 (1 million) complete Mylab™ kits to at least 100 000 schools in developing nations around the world.

This may sound like a lot but in actuality this is only the beginning, because the demand in South Africa alone is in the region of ±200 000 Mylab™ kits. Our assumptions and expectations are that 1 000 000 (1 million) complete Mylab™ kits has the potential to give hands on practical education in natural science and chemistry, from junior school right through to the end of high school, to about 200 000 000 (200 million) young people over a 4 to 5 year period, and the added benefit will be to equip, train and help up to 400 000 teachers with vital practical educational skills through the Mylab™ training manuals and DVD’s, which will create and sustain a positive climate of learning for natural science and chemistry at these schools. This is awesome stuff!!

Just imagine what 200 000 000 (200 million) passionate young people with a solid foundation and a love for natural science and chemistry could do for the future of our planet, and let’s not forget the 400 000 dedicated teachers in these public schools! Just take a few moments to think about this last statement and what potential exists in this project! All I can say is wow this is mid blowing!!!

As you will see and find on our website, the Mylab™ natural science and chemistry kits are so ingenious, practical and unique, because the Mylab™ team has taken a whole functioning school laboratory and fitted it into two plastic tool boxes. Every time that I work with or do a presentation with the Mylab™ kits, I’m so inspired to do my best to find a way and the funding to get the Mylab™ natural science and chemistry kits to as many schools as possible and as soon as possible, because our future will depend on it.

We hope that this introductory video has caught your attention, if it has, then please accept our personal invitation to join the 1 000 000 IMPACTING 200 000 000 project today, by clicking on the link below and registering on our mailing list, so that we can keep you up to date with this project. Registration is free and you will not be obligated to do or buy or sell anything, but you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access our second video page where you will find more details about this project and where you could possibly fit in. This project has just been launched now in November 2011, which means there is still much to do and we can use all the support we can get.

As I have said before just imagine what 200 000 000 (200 million) passionate young people with a solid foundation and a love for natural science and chemistry could do for the future of our planet! Here is an opportunity for everybody and anybody that is passionate about natural science and chemistry to begin to do something great for the future of our plant and the global community at large. So register today and I’ll speak to you again soon on our second video, and please forward our invitation email to your colleagues and fiends, the more support we have the more we can achieve.

Thank you for your time and effort so far, it is appreciated and remember the words of Nelson Mandela “It always seems impossible until it's done!” Cheers for now!!